Health & Fitness

Personal Training

Personal Training Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

One size does not fit all. Personal training means so much more than burning fat or gaining muscle. 


Nutrition Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

Nutrition plans can work well on their own or as part of a fitness package. We can tailor this specifically for you. 

Corrective Exercise / Rehab

Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

New or existing injury causing you pain? We help by working the correct muscles to strengthen the body & reduce pain 

Gym Workshop


Like going to the gym but not always sure about how to get the best out of your workout? Our group sessions teach safe technique with optimum results  

Welcome to your fitness journey

There's so much we can do for you. To improve your health and well-being, drop us a line or book a FREE consultation to see how we can help.

The Therapy Room

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

We work with trusted and highly experienced partners Nichola & Kamila, to bring you expert muscle recovery & relaxation


Reflexology Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

Alternating pressure applied to specific areas on the feet highlight imbalances in the various body systems. Working these areas restores balance.

Holistic Healing


Reiki Energy Healing can help with stress, boost immune system, anxiety, depression, maintaining great health and relaxation. 


Dynamic Yoga

Yoga Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

Our Dynamic Yoga class is a wonderful fusion of yoga moves and breathing techniques combined with a fitness workout.

'Street Safe' Krav Maga

Krav Maga Ainsworth Body Science Blackburn

We offer recognised training and grading in authentic Krav Maga self defence. Great for fitness, confidence building & improved self-esteem.