Home Gym - Live Online 1-2-1 Assistance (60 mins)

Home gym, multi-gym or have some exercise equipment but need a specific plan or routine?

It isn't as easy as you think, you might have kit but do the same exercises each day and need way more variety or a different technique.

Exercise choice is critical to achieving any goal in health & fitness.

Our highly experienced trainers will be able to guide you through the best exercises to do with your home kit, and provide you with a tailored program for an effective training regime. 

This ensures you get the best workout at home whilst avoiding injury and ultimately gets you to where you want to be with your health, fitness and strength.

Our 60 minute LIVE online session will teach you:

  • Tailored exercises you can do with your home kit
  • Optimum sets, reps & tempo for your capability
  • Technique & Safety
  • How to progress effectively

Also includes a workout plan based on your LIVE session for you to follow at home.

Covid19 Discounted Rate £28 (Normal price £36)

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Fill in our PAR-Q form then email it back to us along with some details of your home kit to:

One of our trainers will be in touch to book your LIVE 60 minute session 

Home Gym 1-2-1 Assistance - Live Online Training

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