Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Free Consultation, and how do I book?


This normally takes around an hour, and is a completely free consultation that includes a health and lifestyle analysis.

It will give you the opportunity to talk openly about your goals and objectives so we can create a customised training programme for you to achieve them, and ascertain what exercises work best for you.

Simply call us or send a message via our Contact Us page

I can’t make the same session each week, is this ok?


Yes.  We totally understand that people lead busy lives, and need to be flexible with different working patterns and personal commitments so we’re flexible on sessions and you won’t have to stick to the same time each week.

Check our Contact Us page for opening times

Can I bring a friend or relative?


Yes.  We offer one-to-one training or group sessions.  Whether it’s working out as a couple or bringing a friend we have the package to suit you.

What is the Cost?


Session costs are negotiated at the end of your FREE consultation and the costs are based on a number of factors, such as how many sessions per week and the length of time you commit for.

Please see our Personal Training page for more pricing info

What if I’m not fit enough?


We cater to all abilities from professional athletes to people who have not stepped foot in a gym for 20 years.

All programs are tailored to the individual, we start with the basics, they are progressive and geared to help you reach your goal.

We encourage and challenge our clients to a level they are comfortable with to ensure the training remains enjoyable.

Ask Us Anything!


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